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Coffee cuppings and farm tours


Our farm, Aldea del Abuelo, is a coffee farm in production. This means that we sow, harvest, select and benefit coffee. That is why we offer a Tour to discover and learn about the Coffee from the intimacy of the process and from the perspective of a small coffee producer excelso.


The tour is guided by a professional taster and barista, lasts three hours and includes: a walk through the crop where they will explain about the different varieties of coffee and the native trees that give shade.


Then they will go through the utility and dryer, to understand all the steps that are required to obtain a special coffee like ours. Then they will make a tasting of three very different Colombian coffees, where our taster and barista will explain the different attributes based on the flavors wheel of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). And they will finish with some typical Colombian ounces that include arepa and fresh cheese, both made by hand with ingredients from the farm, and obviously a good cup of our Café de la Aldea.


The tour and cupping will be done for a minimum of 2 people and we have discounts for families / large groups! (Up to eight people for the experience to be very personalized)

* For two people, the price is 40 USD per person

* For groups of 3 to 5 people, the price is USD 35 per person

* For groups of 6 to 8 people, the price is 30 USD per person

Children up to 12 years old have 50% discount

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